Treatment of parasites with folk remedies

folk remedies for parasites

None of us is immune from parasites. In order for the infection to take place, a few seconds will be enough. You can’t say the same about curing the body of parasites - this event will take much more time, effort and money.

The presence of parasites in the human body, as a rule, is accompanied by a number of painful sensations and a significant loss of vitality and energy.

Symptoms of parasitic infection often resemble other diseases, so when they are detected, it is important to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis that will show whether a person is sick due to parasites or it is worth looking for another cause.

Symptoms of parasites in the human body are quite diverse. Their insidiousness is that they all manifest themselves in such a way that it is almost impossible to make a diagnosis right off the bat. Whatever the person's worms, the symptoms of any helminthiasis will be very similar.

This article will focus on folk remedies that, at minimal financial cost, will help to get rid of worms once and for all, which will ensure the health of the whole organism.

Tansy from parasites: how to take?

As an anthelmintic drug, such popular formats as infusion and decoction are used.

flower infusion

The recipe is used as part of traditional Russian herbal medicine to deworm the human body. Quite high efficiency in the fight against roundworms and pinworms.

How to cook:

  • We put about 20 g of tansy flowers in a container (for orientation - about two tablespoons of raw materials);
  • Pour 1 liter of boiling water;
  • Let it steep for 1 hour.

For adults, the dosage will be half a glass of this infusion before meals 3 times a day. For children - 1 tablespoon 3 times a day.

seed powder

Seeds are more effective than water infusions. It is taken in crushed form to the consistency of a powder.

For one dose, use 1 teaspoon for an adult and 1/2 teaspoon for a child.

You can take this powder and it is more convenient with water. However, the original method involves taking this powder in a bread crumb. We take the required amount of powder, roll it into a bread crumb, roll up a ball and swallow it.

Reception of such a remedy from tansy should be carried out for 1 month 2 times a day before eating. In the same way, tansy can be used to cure the body of Giardia.

Enemas against worms

To combat the worms that live in the patient's intestines, cleansing enemas are quite suitable.

Cooking method:

  • We knead a tablespoon of grains into powder;
  • Peel and cut two cloves of garlic;
  • We heat milk in a volume of 0. 5 l;
  • Pour the components of the collection into the milk;
  • We simmer for 10 minutes from the moment of boiling under the lid;
  • We filter.

The decoction should be injected into the rectum, and then kept inside for as long as possible. Following such enemas, feces come out along with paralyzed parasites.

Garlic from parasites: how to take?

There are a lot of recipes against parasites, and most of them are characterized by their effectiveness. However, not all products are equally safe for the human body.


Some parasitic infections "attack" the nasopharynx and lungs, which is why the larvae of many worms during the "journey" through the patient's body can end up on the walls of the larynx and in the lungs. Inhalation procedures in this case will be the most effective way to eliminate helminths.

For inhalation, you will need a clean teapot, a bandage flap, and a few garlic cloves. Grind the garlic on a fine grater, wrap this mass in a bandage, acting with maximum efficiency. This bag is placed in the kettle, after which the lid is tightly closed. We take the spout of the "teapot" into our mouth, pinch our nostrils with our fingers and inhale the garlic vapors deeply.

After that, we exhale, unclenching our fingers in parallel.

The initial procedure of such inhalation should have a duration of no more than 2 minutes, and in the future this time can be gradually increased to 10-15 minutes. It will be necessary to carry out from 3 to 5 such procedures - everything will come from the severity of your disease, as well as from the garlic smell tolerance factor in general.

Milk with garlic

There is such a folk recipe that involves preparing a drink from seasoning with milk that can fight worms that live in the digestive tract.

We rub 1 clove of garlic, pour it with a glass of milk with the addition of 1 teaspoon of ground pepper, then stir thoroughly. This mixture should be drunk in one gulp. A single dose of this remedy per day is quite enough, choosing for this the morning time of the day.

It is important! To prepare the remedy, only milk should be used. Fermented milk products such as curdled milk and kefir are not acceptable for this recipe.

How to take children?

For babies who are more sensitive to these types of drugs, it will be logical to give smaller doses to take. More specifically, ½ cup once a day is enough.

It is worth noting that milk with garlic is quite a gentle remedy.


We take 5-10 grams of garlic, which we turn into gruel, after which we mix it with a glass of water, and insist for several hours. After infusion, this liquid should be diluted with water. The enema should be done 1-2 hours before bedtime. Such cleaning will need to be carried out daily in the evenings during the week. It is not advised to "overdo it" with the amount of garlic, as this is fraught with damage to the intestinal mucosa.

Insertion of crushed garlic wrapped in a bandage into the rectum is strongly discouraged, although this method has had precedents. This method is dangerous for the mucosa, since the garlic is quite hot.

Using a garlic candle

In the fight against "unwanted guests" in the form of parasites, garlic candles help well. For their preparation, a few cloves of garlic are crushed with a fork or by hand. The resulting slurry should be filled with water and let it brew for about 30 minutes. We dip cotton wool or a bandage swab into the resulting tincture, after which we insert this candle into the anus for a period of 20-30 minutes.

baked garlic

Garlic tends to fight parasites in any of its states. It has the greatest safety in a baked form, and therefore this method is more regulated for the younger generation and for mild forms of the disease. Roast a few cloves of garlic for 10-15 minutes in the oven. Dosage - try to take no more than 50 grams per day.

Genghis Khan Recipe

Taking garlic internally has great efficacy and convenience. It is recommended to consume garlic in its whole form, not chewed, both raw and in the form of capsules with garlic oil.

The main condition for compliance with the treatment with a similar technique is that garlic is eaten on an empty stomach and is not chewed.

Honey and garlic

Let's start considering the recipe for preparing garlic mixture based on honey:

  • We clean the garlic cloves, squeeze out 300 ml of juice from them, add fresh bee honey (0. 5 kg), mix the ingredients thoroughly, then boil over low heat for about half an hour, stirring occasionally;
  • The hymen formed during the boiling process is removed with a spoon;
  • We give the patient to take 1 tablespoon of the mixture 4 times a day before meals.

Carnation from parasites: how to take?

Carnation with its abilities is rightfully used to eliminate various kinds of pests of the human body. Cloves are used in completely different types, consistencies and forms, both in the form of a decoction and powder, and in the form of combinations with other useful herbs.
If we consider the most popular methods and recipes for using this plant, then it is quite possible to find something suitable for everyone in need, taking into account their individual characteristics.

clove powder

To prepare powder from cloves, it is quite possible to use a home coffee grinder, in which dry inflorescences of this plant follow. Then the resulting substance should be taken orally three times a day, washed down with clean water in a sufficiently large amount.

Cloves and flax seeds

Grind the cloves and flax seeds to a powdery consistency. We mix these components in a ratio of 1 to 10, respectively.

We take this remedy 20 g 3 times a day, and drink it with water.

The duration of the course of such treatment is 3 days. After that, we take a break for 3 days and duplicate the course. We carry out such an algorithm of actions within 30 days.

Carnation and wormwood

Grind the dried wormwood and cloves to a powder form. We mix the components in equal proportions. We take 1 tablespoon of the mixture 1 time per day - half an hour before dinner.

The duration of the course of treatment is 3 weeks. The recommended dosage for the treatment of helminth infestations in children is ½ teaspoon.

Children cannot bear the bitter taste of wormwood, and for this reason they are reluctant to take the medicine. Therefore, it is recommended to sweeten the water with honey.

Carnation and yarrow, buckthorn, tansy, wormwood

We combine dried cloves in equal proportions with yarrow, buckthorn, tansy, and wormwood. Grind the ingredients.

Dosage for an adult patient - a teaspoon once a day - before breakfast, for babies - ½ spoon.

Cloves and wormwood, tansy

We mix in equal parts cloves with wormwood, as well as tansy. Grind to the consistency of a powder, and then use 3 g of the product once a day - in the evening, before meals.

Wormwood from parasites: how to take?

The most accessible way to sanitize the body when infected with parasites is a decoction of wormwood. This method is also quite suitable for preventive purposes.

We drink a decoction on an empty stomach, and after that we do not eat for about 2 hours.

It is not forbidden to use this decoction throughout the day.

Decoction of wormwood from parasites


  • 1 tablespoon dry wormwood;
  • 1 glass of boiled hot water.

We fill the raw material with water and set it to be heated in a larger container. After about 15-20 minutes, the broth will be ready - it remains only to pass through the filter.

Strengthening and supplementing the actions of wormwood is achieved in the following way: add other medicinal herbs to it.

Antiparasitic properties are famous for such plants as tansy, yarrow, laurel, calendula, calamus, St.
Anthelmintic herbal infusion.


  • 1 teaspoon of wormwood;
  • 1 teaspoon of chamomile;
  • 1 teaspoon St. John's wort;
  • 1 teaspoon immortelle;
  • 1 teaspoon oak bark;
  • 500 ml of boiling water.

We mix dry herbs, pour into a thermos and pour boiling water over it. We insist the remedy for about 8 hours. The infusion is filtered. Take one glass on an empty stomach.

The course of treatment is 10 days. During the period of therapy, a vegetarian diet should be followed. This recipe with wormwood from parasites is especially recommended for diagnosing giardiasis.

When getting rid of worms, it is very effective to use wormwood in the form of a powdery consistency, which should be taken dry. Such a medicine slowly passes through the intestines, and cleans it like a brush, but taking dry grass is not a very pleasant experience.

Bitter wormwood with pumpkin seeds

We mix the leaves of bitter wormwood in a dried and crushed state in a ratio of 1 to 1 with crushed pumpkin seeds, after which we fill the resulting mixture with vodka (in a ratio of 1 to 3).

We insist this drink in a warm place for 1 week. The resulting drug is advised to take on an empty stomach 50 grams 2 times a day.

Such therapy will be quite effective if the course is carried out within 14-21 days (according to the medical prescription).

Wormwood enema

To prepare a decoction, pour 1 liter of boiling water into 1 teaspoon of dry bitter wormwood (leaves), then boil it for 30 seconds on fire, and then insist for 8-10 minutes. The resulting broth is cooled to 42 ° C (not less than this temperature), after which we filter from the grass. Such enemas are put in a hot state; period of the day for use - before going to bed in the evening; volume - no more than 100 ml.

For the better half of humanity, it is recommended to combine enemas with douching using a decoction of bitter wormwood, garlic and onions.

plant sap

A fairly effective antihelminthic is wormwood juice, to which honey is added in a ratio of 3 to 1. This juice is advised to be taken by babies when diagnosing helminth infections.

Turmeric for parasites: how to take?

In addition to using this seasoning only as a seasoning, you can prepare medicines from turmeric at home that can have a detrimental effect on parasites and optimize the digestive process:

  • We take ¼ teaspoon of ground turmeric, one tablespoon of honey, mix these ingredients in ½ glass of water, after which you can take this anthelmintic infusion twice a day - morning and evening, preferably before meals;
  • You should take half a teaspoon of ground turmeric, one tablespoon of lingonberry leaves, mix and steam in 0. 5 liters of boiling water. This mixture should be infused for 20-30 minutes, and then drink ½ cup before meals;
  • Turmeric with milk. We simply dissolve a pinch of this spice in 1 glass of milk and drink it (recommended before going to bed). This tool perfectly removes toxins from the body, which implies their recommendation for use in diagnosing parasitic invasions;
  • We take turmeric, ginger and garlic, grind these ingredients and mix into a homogeneous mass. Further, one spoonful of this substance is taken on an empty stomach, as well as at bedtime. This drug can be advised both for parasites and for the prevention of respiratory diseases.

The use of turmeric inside helps to cure dysentery, kills worms and other parasites.

The action of this spice is carried out in two vectors: it eliminates helminths and their eggs, and, in addition, it helps to heal tissues infected as a result of the presence of parasitic microorganisms.

Tar from parasites: how to take?

The main requirement to achieve the desired effect is to comply with all the canons and nuances of the birch tar application scheme.

We will need freshly squeezed apple juice.

When you have prepared all the components, feel free to proceed with the use of this tool. So, you should follow the scheme below:

  • The first day. A drop of tar is added to 1 tablespoon of juice, this medicine is taken;
  • 2-7 day. Every day we increase the number of tar by one drop;
  • 7-30 day. Drink ½ teaspoon of birch tar.

Following a similar course of treatment, we take a break of 3 months, after which the use of the drug is duplicated. However, this repeated course has been going on for 5 days, each of which should be taken ½ teaspoon of tar, diluted with 1 tablespoon of juice.

Then therapeutic measures continue for six months. The beginning of each month for 3 days is marked by taking 3 drops of medicine added to apple juice. There should be three doses per day 20 minutes before meals.

It is important! When using the medicine within the framework of this scheme, it is really possible to get rid of absolutely all parasites in the body. However, we do not recommend treating the baby in this way until a preliminary consultation with the doctor has been carried out.

We drink tar water

Many people, wanting to get rid of worms, use tar water for ingestion. The proportional ratio of tar to water should be 1 to 8.

The ingredients of this "drug" are mixed with a wooden spoon. The mixture must be kept for 2 days, and at the end of this time period, the solution is drained until the foam and sediment disappear. The finished medicine must be stored in a refrigerator, as a hot place will negatively affect the preservation of its beneficial properties.

This drug is taken every day, one tablespoon.

The duration of the course of treatment is 3 sets of 10 days, between which 10-15 days should pass.

Pure tar against parasites

Initially, a medicinal mixture is prepared. A glass of ½ is filled with boiled water, after which we add 5-10 drops of tar and mix thoroughly. This medicine should be taken every day for two weeks. Then we maintain a 10-day pause, and after it we duplicate the use of the medicine in accordance with the principles of the above

Tar with bread

The essence of preparation: before going to bed, we take a small piece of bread, having previously dripped 5 drops of tar on it. After that, immediately eat the indicated piece of bread. We do not drink or eat this remedy with anything, we withstand a break until the next day.

In the morning, the next day, the number of drops should be increased by 1 unit until the daily dosage reaches 10 drops. Further, the 10-drop dosage is extended for 10 days. After that, the amount of the drug is reduced by 1 drop per day to 5 drops, respectively (in reverse order).

The course should last 24 days. Many do not know why tar should be used with bread. We explain - this is due to the relatively long process of digestion of a piece of bread by the stomach, and therefore the medicine has a temporary reserve for complete absorption into the blood, cleansing the body.

Folklore "glorified" honey with birch tar

The course lasts 12 days, during which you should take a spoonful of honey with some part of the birch medicine every day before going to bed. For this method, it is optimal to use flower liquid honey. As well as in the previous recipe and scheme - you should not drink and eat after taking this medicine.

Being treated in this way, you need to eat 1 teaspoon of honey with one drop of birch elixir. Each subsequent day of the course is supposed to increase the dose by 1 drop. In total, from the ninth to the 12th day, you should drink only 8 drops of the medicine.

It is important! With intolerance (taste) of the tar itself, you can, as an exception, eat a small portion of honey.

A few days after taking the remedy, you will notice a noticeable improvement in the overall well-being of the body, and the parasites will begin to leave your body naturally in the stool.

Tar and milk

Every day on an empty stomach we take ½ cup of warm milk orally, where we first add birch tar. To begin with, the dosage will be 1 drop, gradually increasing by 1 unit each day up to 10 drops. Then we take a 7-day break for the subsequent duplication of the course, 10 days long, but with a dosage of 10 drops daily.

It is important! You should not miss even one day of taking the medicine in order to get the maximum beneficial effect for your body and get rid of parasitic microorganisms as soon as possible.

Linseed oil from parasites: how to take?

The best remedy against helminths of various types and "breeds" is dried flaxseeds, namely those that have not been subjected to any processing. Note that the useful abilities and properties of flax can be preserved for three years.

The seeds of this plant should be stored in a completely sealed package and not overexposed for more than 1 year. Reception of means from worms should be carried out within 6-11 days. In this case, you need to use a maximum of 2 times a day for 2-3 g.

Flaxseed oil is taken 30 minutes before meals. For effective disposal of helminths, we take about 5 teaspoons of oil per day.

In order for the effect of extermination of parasites to be as close to ideal as possible, we recommend adding various tinctures and decoctions to the oil.

Recipe based on flaxseeds against worms:

  • We take 2 g of crushed plant seeds, fall asleep in a thermos, pour 400 ml of boiling water;
  • We steam for about 12 hours;
  • Drink a decoction of 120 ml 30-40 minutes before meals.

Flax seed from parasites: how to take?

Recipes for the use of flaxseeds against parasitic microorganisms.

It is generally accepted that linseeds that have not undergone heat treatment are the best remedy in the fight against parasites.

We recommend taking this remedy for 7-10 days in the morning and evening in the amount of 2 tablespoons before meals. Ground seeds in their pure, unprocessed form carry the greatest charge of effectiveness in anthelmintic control.

Due to the extensive area of the contact patch with the intestinal mucosa, the absorption of useful trace elements and substances occurs in the maximum mode.

Decoctions of flax seeds are also effective as an anthelmintic. In addition, without loss of taste, it can be introduced into soups and drinks, as well as other foods and dishes.

How to drink hydrogen peroxide from parasites?

To fully get rid of intestinal parasites, hydrogen peroxide should be taken orally according to the universal scheme:

  • The beginning of cleaning is 1 drop of a 3% solution diluted in 50 ml of water. It is recommended to use mineral water or distillate, but not ordinary chlorinated water. Such solutions must be taken 3 times a day 2-30 minutes before meals;
  • The second day - 2 drops of peroxide for the same amount of water. In a similar arithmetic progression, the number of drops of hydrogen peroxide increases according to the number of days of treatment. The final dosage in the course is 10 drops dissolved in water, we drink 3 times a day;
  • 3 days the body will need a pause;
  • The beginning of the second course with an unchanged dosage of 10 drops every day for 3 days;
  • 3 days - break;
  • Then, with a constant dosage of 10 drops, for a few more days, until the total number of days of the course is 21 days.

Dosages for babies:

  • at 10-14 years old, the largest dose is from 5 to 8 drops 3 times a day;
  • at 5-10 years old - from 2 to 5 drops;
  • up to 5 years - 1-2 drops.

There is also a more intricate method of sanitizing the body from helminthiases using a rectal (through the anus) dropper:

  • Boil for a couple of minutes in 200 ml of water 1 teaspoon of bitter wormwood;
  • Let cool;
  • We filter;
  • Add cold boiled water instead of the boiled water. To restore the desired volume of 200 ml;
  • Add 10 ml of hydrogen peroxide solution (3%);
  • Pour this liquid into a 200 ml container and connect a blood transfusion system to it (at a price of about 45 rubles).
  • We cut off the needle, and melt the pipe over the fire;
  • Lubricate the end of the tube with Vaseline;
  • We fix the system at the level of 2 meters and insert the tube into the anus (anus);
  • Stream inject 20-30 ml of liquid and hold until the urge to defecate appears;
  • Empty the intestines, and then inject the rest of the mixture 1 drop per 1 second;
  • Repeat daily for 1 month. As a rule, worms come out in a semi-digested form, often in the form of mucus.